Articles | Volume 2
15 Aug 2019
 | 15 Aug 2019

Sea cliff at Kieler Ufer (Pleistocene stripes 11–16) – large-scale architecture and kinematics of the Jasmund Glacitectonic Complex

Anna Gehrmann, Martin Meschede, Heiko Hüneke, and Stig A. Schack Pedersen

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The multistage structural development of the Upper Weichselian Jasmund Glacitectonic Complex (Rügen, NE Germany)
Anna Gehrmann
E&G Quaternary Sci. J., 69, 59–60,,, 2020
The Quaternary sequence of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: areas of specific interest and ongoing investigations
Andreas Börner, Anna Gehrmann, Heiko Hüneke, Michael Kenzler, and Sebastian Lorenz
DEUQUA Spec. Pub., 2, 1–10,,, 2019
Blieschow on Jasmund – geomorphology and glacigenic landforms: keys to understanding the deformation chronology of Jasmund
Anna Gehrmann and Chris Harding
DEUQUA Spec. Pub., 2, 11–17,,, 2019
Sea cliff at Wissower Bach (Pleistocene stripe 5) – microstructural evidence of large-scale glacitectonism and glacier kinematics
Anna Gehrmann, Heiko Hüneke, Martin Meschede, and Emrys Phillips
DEUQUA Spec. Pub., 2, 29–33,,, 2019
Coastal cliff at Lenzer Bach on Jasmund Peninsula, Rügen Island (Pleistocene Stripe 4): reconstructed history of glacitectonic deformation based on fold geometry and microstructural mapping
Paul Mehlhorn, Laura Winkler, Franziska-Charlotte Grabbe, Michael Kenzler, Anna Gehrmann, Heiko Hüneke, and Henrik Rother
DEUQUA Spec. Pub., 2, 35–41,,, 2019

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