Volume 4, 2022 Quaternary landscapes, sediments and geoarchives in northeastern Germany – a guidebook to field trips on geology, geomorphology, geoarcheology, and climate and environmental monitoring Eds. A. Brauer and M. Schwab
Volume 3, 2021 Celebrating 70 years of E&G: Milestones Eds. F. Preusser, M. Fuchs, and C. Thiel
Volume 2, 2019 From Weichselian ice-sheet dynamics to Holocene landscape changes in Western Pomerania and Mecklenburg – field trips on geology, geomorphology and geoarchaeology Eds. H. Hüneke, A. Börner, and S. Lorenz
Volume 1, 2018 Quaternary and Tertiary landscapes and their sediments in Hesse, Germany – a guidebook to selected field trips on geology, geomorphology and geoarchaeology Eds. M. Fuchs
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For volumes of DEUQUASP published before 2018, please download the following PDF files:
DEUQUASP field guidebook ISBN978-3-941971-14-1 Erkundungen in Sachsen und Schlesien Quartäre Sedimente im landschaftsgenetischen Kontext Herausgegeben von Dominik Faust und Katja Heller
DEUQUASP field guidebook ISBN978-3-941971-10-3 From the foreland to the Central Alps Field trips to selected sites of Quaternary research in the Tyrolean and Bavarian Alps Edited by Hanns Kerschner, Karl Krainer and Christoph Spötl
DEUQUASP field guidebook ISBN978-3-941971-08-0 From Paleozoic to Quaternary A field trip from the Franconian Alb to Bohemia Edited by Ludwig Zöller and Andreas Peterek
DEUQUASP field guidebook ISBN978-3-941971-06-6c From the northern ice shield to the Alpine glaciations A Quaternary field trip through Germany Edited by Daniela Sauer
DEUQUASP field guidebook ISBN978-3-941971-05-9b Eiszeitlandschaften in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Herausgegeben von Reinhard Lampe und Sebastian Lorenz
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